All of my photographs from every line are made to order on the highest quality standards. Currently I offer the following finishes:

Glass Face-Mounting | Collectors and Black Line

Imagine a print behind glass, without a frame, just floating in the air. This is what a photograph mounted directly onto glass looks like.

It is a special process to create a durable bond between a print and high quality glass. This unique seal gives you a high-end product with brilliant clarity and colors and simultaneously provides protection against UV light and weather conditions.

This process raises the standard for extraordinary image quality even further. With vibrant colors, deep black tones and luscious contrast, it offers a quality similar, if not surpassing traditional glass framing. All normal artworks are face mounted to very high quality (acrylic) glass. On some sizes there is the opti on for museum glass instead of glass. It raises the fi nal price by 25%.

Aluminium Mounting | Collectors and Black Line

This method of framing is similar to the Glass Face-Mounting. However, instead of the acrylic glass the fine art print is only mounted to a very thin protective matt foil. It has the great benefit of showing nearly no reflections at all. The print is protected from UV light. It has a very modern and unique feeling to it.

Framed fine art print | Collectors and Black Line

This is a more traditional approach. The fine art print is mounted onto aluminum and surrounded by a high quality maple wood frame. The front is protected by high grade museum glass. The standard frame color is dark grey (more on request). The final product is a fantastic mix of contemporary and traditional framing methods.

Fine Art Canvas | Collectors and Black Line

This presentation form has a one of a kind look to it. As it is printed on traditional canvas and mounted onto a wooden frame it looks and feels like an old painting. However, though the modern technology it is made possible to combine these elements with exceptional image quality. The final canvas print is coded with a high quality varnish to protect it against UV light. Optional, every canvas print can be fitted into a wooden maple frame. (Please request a specific quote)

Artist Print - Fine Art Print | Artist Line

Photographs from the Artist Line are often available as Artist Prints. This option can be used to be framed on your own choice. It is printed to the highest standards using modern printing technology and the best paper from Hahnemühle. The print is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Artist Portfolio - A3 Fine Art Photo Box | Limited to ten boxes

Once I have collected a rich number of photographs on a topic, I sometimes create an Artist Portfolio on a given subject. The artist box is hand made and features 10 to 15 A3 sized fine art prints. Every photograph can only be featured in one series of portfolios. (Photographs from the Collectors Line are excluded)